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Halloween 2014 by hotrod2001
Halloween 2014
Time for the annual Halloween pic!

Senior Senior Junior as Kronk (Emperor's New Groove)
Bonnie Rockwaller as Hera Syndulla (Star Wars Rebels)
Kim Possible as Princess Whatshername (Earthworm Jim)
Ron Stoppable as Zapp Brannigan (Futurama)

Happy Halloween!


Fall 2008, Prague

“American stocks continued their freefall today, losing as much as 400 points before finishing the day at one of the lowest levels in 25 years as the global credit crunch begins to take hold.”

“And in other news, the fabled cold fusion reactor prototype known as the Nautilus Wheel was recovered today in Bavaria.  The device was stolen 13 months ago from a Seattle laboratory by international criminal and internet singing sensation Professor Dementor, who was apprehended after a raid on his compound by newcomer crime fighter, Ken Trepid.”

“Told you that you wouldn’t get away with it Dementor,” Kim muttered contently to the television screen and flashed a smirk of satisfaction.

“Trepid, who is a relative unknown to most crime fighting experts, appears to have taken on the mantle of former international crime fighter and media darling, Kim Possible.”

“Aaaand there it goes,” she followed with a groan as she muted the tv and turned back to her notebook.

“Hey girl, lighten up.  At least they’ve gone back to using decent pictures of you in stories and no longer use terms like ‘disgraced’, ‘fallen’, or ‘wild’ to describe you,”  Monique said optimistically to her friend.

“Well, they could at least use a recent photo of me while tearing me down, that one is from my freshman year in high school.”

“But, for what it’s worth, the black turtleneck with the midriff was a good look for you.”

“Was … probably not anymore.” Kim sighed as she poked a little flab on her side.

“Oh, that’s nothing a little exercise won’t fix. You act as if you gained fifty pounds. Do I need to remind you how flattering your more ‘recent photos’ were, or do I need to remind you why you’re here in Prague?”

"Touché, Monique," Kim resigned.

"Besides, between the Presidential election back home and whatever this financial crisis is we’re in, I would think your college exploits of a few months ago are going to be the least of the media’s concern at the moment."

"You think?"

"Girl, outside of your mom everyone's probably already forgotten.   Trust me, they'll be more worried about having jobs tomorrow than what you do with your life if this sell-off continues," she said as she stood up and brewed some coffee.

“I guess,” Kim replied feeling a little better about her situation.  "So this Ken Trepid guy that took over my missions, do you know anything about him?"

"Only things that Wade has told me.  Mid-twenties, former Global Justice agent … single."  Monique winked in a tease as she handed Kim a mug.

"So not interested," Kim ribbed back at her old friend.

"Hah, I wouldn't worry about it K. From what Wade says he's not really the dating type … too busy saving the world to have a social life I think.”

"Odd, I managed to have a social life when I did it," Kim replied unimpressed.

“Yeah, well, Trepid apparently likes to keep to himself. Honestly, this is like only the third time I’ve actually seen him mentioned on a news story.”

"Interesting, so did you design that getup for him?" Kim asked pointing to Trepid’s picture still on the screen.

"Pfft!" Monique laughed nearly spitting out her coffee. “Please, Ken's not about style like you were, I think he does his clothes shopping down at an Army surplus store.  Apparently, he thinks cargo pants, a vest and Wade's goofy inventions make him look more like a badass than my threads ever will.  It's a shame you gave that life up. I had a real nice design sketched out for your next outfit.  More coffee?"

"Yeah, well, things … change." Kim shrugged as she waved off another cup.

"As is life, but hey, we still got each other."

"That we do Mo,” she replied with a rare smile.  “Although, I have to say it’s pretty ironic, you just happen to be on a rotation here in Prague the same time I am studying?  That is too good to be a coincidence."

“Yeah, of all the gin joints in all the world … I don’t mind it.”

“It’s just too bad it’s for only five weeks, and then you’re off to Milan, Paris, London, New York.”

“Well, you can’t be on your way to being a world-class fashion designer if you don’t hit all the major centers right?”

“I suppose not.”

“So what about you, K, any thoughts on what you want to do with the rest of your life?”

“I don’t know.  I’ve thought of a few different fields that I was interested in but …”

“But what?”

“I just can’t really settle on anything.  Medical was always mom’s thing and the sciences were Dad, Jim and Tim’s passion.  I dunno. I was so busy saving the world in my spare time I never really focused on a career path.” Kim shrugged in uncertainty.

“Ever consider Criminal Justice?  I would think it would be a fit for you seeing you spent your high school years fighting crime.”

“Too much paperwork.”

“Well, everything is going to involve some studying.”

“No, I mean too much paperwork. I looked into it, but law enforcement officers spend most of their day behind a desk pencil pushing.  Not to mention all of the red tape.”

“Well one day it’ll click.  Too bad you couldn’t major in Crime Fighting.” Monique laughed. “That seems to fit you quite well … retired or not.”

“We shall see.  Right now I’m more concerned about dealing with core classes and getting my grades up. Again.”

“And how’s that going?”

“So far so good.  There’s a lot less distraction here, and I hardly go out with anyone.

“That sounds a little anti social to me Kim.  You should have that nice balance between school life and social life.”

“Well that can be a little difficult when only a handful of the students here speak English. My Czech isn’t really up to snuff.”

“That’s why you’re supposed to immerse yourself in the culture,”  Monique jabbed.

“Says the girl who’s only here for a few more weeks.”

“Prosím, jak těžké to může být?” Monique said with a lighthearted arrogance.

“Sigh, what am I going to do when you leave?”  Kim whimpered.

“Immerse ...”  Monique repeated. “Either that or pack your bags and head back to live with that boozehound of a roommate back in Eugene.”

“Hey!  Haley is a friend!”  Kim snapped.

“Haley is an enabler Kim,”  Monique shot back slightly irritated at the mere mention of the name. “Don’t forget that if it wasn’t for her antics you wouldn’t be in this situation to begin with.”

“But it was my fault. I was the one who let the sitch get out of hand. She helped me find a solution in the end.”

“Oh?  You mean the solution where you had Wade rig your grades and then quit on you?”

“Yeah … that one,” Kim said backing down.  “I mean, at least her intentions were good.”

“So was spraying DDT in neighborhoods,” Monique replied unimpressed. “I also know it’s not your style.”


“Don’t eh me,” Monique shot back, her tone turning more serious. “The Kim I know wouldn’t have allowed herself to get into that type of situation in the first place, and she surely wouldn’t have asked Wade to do something that went against both of your morals!”

“Well maybe if you were my roommate back then, you could have babysat me and made sure …”  Kim paused realizing what she was saying. “Wait … that’s what this is all about isn’t it?!?”

“What?”  Monique replied with a raised eyebrow.

“All of this! Wade sending me to Prague to lay low. The fact that you just happened to be having a rotation in Prague halfway through my semester. He set me up!”

“What. Are. You. Talking. About?!?”

“Oh, don’t play dumb with me, Monique!  Wade knew your schedule so he sent me to Prague so you could check up on me!”

“That’s outrageous!”

“No, it makes total sense!  None of you trust me to make good decisions on my own anymore!”

“Well, your track record as of late has been a bit spotty.”

“So you admit it!”

“What? That you’ve made some downright stupid decisions?  Yeah!”

“Right, and you’re here checking up on me because Wade doesn’t trust me to manage my affairs on my own, am I right?”

“Wouldn’t know, you and Wade stopped talking remember?  Or can you not keep track of which bridges you’ve managed to burn since your freshman year?”

“I’m about to burn one more if I can’t get a straight answer out of you!” Kim threatened.

“Do you hear yourself Kim?”

“I am in total control of my life! Yes, I made one bad decision and I’m paying for it, but I’ve learned my lesson and I don’t need you or Wade or anyone else playing mom trying to make sure I don’t do anything stupid or putting down my friends who were only trying to help! I hear myself fine, do you hear what I’m saying or are those stupid bangled earrings of yours cutting off your hearing?!?”

After Kim said her peace, the two friends stood staring at each other in an awkward silence both absorbing what was just said.

“Well,” Monique started, “I guess my job is done here.”

“I think you’re right,” Kim replied, “I think it’s time you leave.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Monique said as she started to take off her earrings and walking towards Kim. “Here, you can have my ‘stupid bangled earrings’ since, you know … you’re the one who bought them for me as a graduation present.  Maybe you can pawn them off so you have beer money for your next party or something.”

Monique made it to the front door of the apartment and swung the front door wide open, to her surprise, a young man in his early 20’s was standing at the door. His fist was at eye-level and he appeared to be just about to knock on Kim’s door.

The person waved. “Hi Keem!”

“Hi Bogdan, I’m in the middle of something here, can this wait?”

“Actually I was just leaving,” Monique grumbled as she looked at her blocked route.

“I be quick!” he replied in broken English. “I want to lets you know avout ze pahty we’ve holding on ze roof tonight. Lots of biers, lots of people … lots of fun.”

“He’s right Kim, that sounds like tons of fun,”  Monique lashed back sarcastically. “I’m sure it’s right up your alley.”

“Yah and Zhanet is bringing zum Molley,”  Bogdan said in a teasing voice.

Upon hearing that, Monique swung herself back around and faced her estranged friend.

“Really? It’s bad enough you can’t handle yourself at a drinking party, but now you’re going to introduce ecstasy into the mix?  Wow, Kim, you can do anything.”

“I haven’t done ecstasy,”  Kim shot back.

“Yet.”  Monique rolled her eyes and pushed Bogdan aside.

“No! I never!”


“Well, maybe it crossed my mind, but …”

“Uh huh,” Monique said unimpressed with her answer. “To the Kim I knew it wouldn’t have been even up for discussion.”

“Oh, like you’ve never done something that goes against the grain!”

“I never did anything that stupid, or illegal. You really haven’t learned anything from your self-imposed exile have you?”

“I’ve learned that nobody from back home seems to think that I can do things on my own anymore,” Kim shot back.

“Ugh, whatever Kim.  If you think so.  Just be sure you remember before you ever take that crap that taking it with alcohol doesn’t mix and that you don’t have the ability to fly,” a disgusted Monique said as she marched out of Kim’s room.

“Whatever Kim, she mocked in defiance before turning her attention to Bogdan, still standing dumbfounded in the doorway. “Tell Zhanet I’ll be up after I finish my homework.”


A few hours later the rooftop party was in full swing with several college-age students in attendance.  There were tables laden with everything from finger foods to baked treats, a row of kegs featuring several beers, and coolers of wine bottles for those with a more sophisticated taste.  Techno music blasted out of speakers set up on the roof corners as LED lanterns dotted the rooftop and provided the party with a vast spectrum of color.

As promised Kim didn’t go to the party until her homework was completed.  A new policy she set up for herself to ensure that her social life didn’t interfere with her grades as it had in the past.  It usually ensured that she was fashionably late to any outing she participated in but it did provide some much-needed discipline, even if nobody except her knew about it.  Once she had closed her books she headed up to the rooftop.  She tied her hair up into a ponytail and donned a light blue summer dress with heels that she picked up in town for just such an occasion.  

She walked through the access door to the rooftop, quickly made her way to the wine area, grabbed a glass of merlot which had been set out and then proceeded to look for her friends.  As she searched through the crowd her eyes caught Bogdan waving to her from the far corner of the building.  Kim headed towards her friend and quickly saw he was joined by Zhanet and a couple of other fellow classmates Silvie and Angelo.  

“Vell vell, if the little vookworm has finally come out of her hole to play,”  Zhana joked in her Eastern European accent.   “Ve thought you might not come up at all.”

“I just had a little microeconomics homework that I had to finish up. No big,”  Kim replied as she exchanged hugs and downed her first glass of wine.

“Making up for lost time are we?” Silvie snarked at Kim’s drink management.

“Nah, it’s just been a long day.”

“Who vas that girl youse vere fighting with earlier?” Bogdan asked.

“You got into a vight?!?”  Zhanet cut in.

“No worries Zhana, just someone from back home trying to tell me how to live my life.”

“You zeem to get that a vot.”

“Just people from my past still in denial that I’m not this goody goody Disney Princess that they think I am.”  Kim shrugged. “But enough about that, who wants to dance?”

Silvie and Zhana both took Kim up on her offer and the three girls made their way into the dance area while Bogdan and Angelo stayed on the side “viewing the scenery.”  Silvie was the first person Kim befriended in Prague.  She was a native of Prague whose father ran a successful computer programming business while her mother worked as a seamstress.  She was a spunky, skinny girl with shoulder-length brown hair who wore a pair of “Buddy Holly” eye glasses which had become her trademark look since the 8th grade. She was typically the quiet one of the group, and was often content to listen in on the conversation rather than to strike one up, but when she did she had a tendency to be quite witty. She was a year behind Kim but like the other members of their group was introduced to her through being in several classes together.

Bogdan was the same age and grade as Kim and was as tall as he was round.  A well-fed Ukrainian who had aspirations of following in his father’s footsteps as an engineer.  He was book smart, however when it came to common sense, he was lacking, as was on display earlier in the day when he walked in on Kim and Monique arguing.  He enjoyed being a jokester and never missed an opportunity to make people laugh at his own expense, even if the majority of people didn’t get his jokes.

Angelo was from the Czech city of Plzen which was an hour and a half west of Prague.  Born to Italian immigrants he was the first of his family to go to college and was an aspiring music major who never missed an opportunity to perform whenever a guitar or piano was present.  He was also Silvie’s boyfriend and was somewhat of an outsider to the rest of the group, only a member by association, yet the group nevertheless had accepted him as one of their own.

Finally there was Zhanet, the de facto leader of their group.  Hailing from Vienna, Austria she was a strong-willed former swimming star with long flowing strawberry blonde hair and a tan which complimented her tight curvy body perfectly.  Undeclared and looking to expand her horizons by studying abroad in another country, she opted for the excitement of the Prague nightlife as a major deciding factor in the school she attended.  In her eyes, the party and club scene was only topped by schooling and family in terms of importance in life and was found partaking in the Prague night life whenever the other two terms didn’t demand her presence.  Once she had told Kim “if she wasn’t clubbing, she wasn’t breathing.”  Zhanet had known about Kim’s partying troubles in the States and had made sure she didn’t repeat her past mistakes during her stay in Prague.

The three girls hit the dance floor and began to let loose after a long autumn day.  They bumped, they grinded and in between sets they’d hurry back over to the guys and recharge with a few shots before continuing back to their partying.  An hour later, Kim was buzzed and had forgotten about the big blowup with Monique. She was feeling rather good about the rest of her evening.  The night became more interesting when Zhanet put her hand on Kim’s shoulder, forcing her to stop dancing and pulled her head close to her mouth to speak.

“Oh Kimmy, I couldn’t help vut notice who just showed up,”  Zhanet teased as she turned Kim around in the direction of a tall, dark figure emerging from the service door.  

“It’s HIM!”  Kim gasped, slightly inebriated. “Ohmygosh!”

“Him” was Lukas, a fellow student for whom Kim had developed a major crush ever since she came to Prague.  Standing at 6’ 3” and possessing a chiseled body, Lukas was a specimen of a human being.  Vice-captain and top striker of the school’s futbol team, he was a god on campus, and he just happened to sit in front of Kim in her in communications class.  Many mornings were spent with her ogling over his spiked auburn hair and the pleasant scent of his aftershave lotion.  Zhanet had eventually caught on to her fawning and never missed an opportunity to tease Kim about her crush, and then pressing her to do something about it.

“Ah yah, it’s Lukas,“ Zhanet said pretending to be surprised. “It looks like he has come alone, no?”

“Yeah, so? A lot of people came to this party stag, including me,” Kim replied fighting between the alcohol buzz and the feeling of excitement that had begun tingling over her body.

“Zo, maybe it’s time to make a move ya?”

“I ... I dunno. What if he doesn’t like me?”

“Pfft, zou haven’t zeen the way he checks zou outs whenever you get up in fronts of the class. I’m sure if you show him a vittle interest he’d show you some in veturn.”

“I’m not sold Z. I mean, I’m still not sure if I want to be dating anyone. Especially abroad,” Kim replied, unsure of herself.

“Who zaid anything avout dating him?”  Zhanet said back with a raised eyebrow and in a seductive voice.

“Oh you are so naughty!” Kim exclaimed as she playfully jabbed her friend in the side.  “You know I am a good girl!”

“Da, I saw the pictures,” she shot back with a laugh.


“Vat’s all the yelling about?”  Silvie asked as she rejoined the duo with another round of drinks.

“Oh, nothing much, just that Kim vants to hook up vith Lukas but she’s too afraid to ask him.”

“So not true!”  

“Lukas? Really?  Oh, zou two vould make such a cute couple!”

“I am perfectly happy being single, Silvie, but thanks for the vote of confidence.”

“Vell if not vanting to date Lukas then you must ve thinking … oh?”

“Okay, well maybe … maybe it crossed my mind a few times,” Kim admitted looking at her feet and blushing.

“Za, a few dozen times.  Zou seem to, how do you say it vhere you come from? ‘Has de hots.’”

“Well, so?” Kim replied increasingly annoyed at the prodding. “Just look at him.  A nice physique, salon quality hair, sexy square chin.”

“Zah, I bet you’d love to be held against  zhat nice physique and running your fingers through zhat salon quality hair with nothing between ze two of yous except Durex yah?”  Silvie teased.

“Mmmm, yeah it sure would be … I MEAN, UH… Um … no!  No, no, no.  I don’t think about people like that!” Kim backpedaled.

“Ha ha!  Zhe truth finally comes zout!  You vant to šoustat Lukas!” Zhanet mocked.

“I, don’t know what that means, but I have a feeling that I have a good idea,” Kim frowned at her friend.

Zhanet quit the teasing and walked up behind Kim and put her hands on her tense shoulders and began to gently rub as the two watched Lukas mingling across the roof.

“Zow Kim, I zam only kidding vith you,” Zhanet whispered seriously into her friend’s ear. “However you and I both know how stressed you have been since you cames to Prague.  Your breakup with zhe boyfriend, zhe party scandal, and zhen Bogdan says you got intos a fight with a friend from vack home today?  Poor thing, you need to relax and take a vew steps vack.  Now, take a zeep breath and let all zhat stress out.”

Kim complied and took several deep breaths as Zhanet continued to loosen up her shoulders.

“Zhere, don’t you feel better now?”

“I, guess. I’m still not sur-”

“Shhh, shhh shhh!”  Zhanet hushed as she motioned to Bogdan to bring another glass of wine to her.  “Less thinking, more drinking!”

“Fine,” Kim reluctantly stopped as she sipped some Red Rose’ out of the glass Bogan had brought over. “You do understand that you’re trying to convince me to lose my virginity to a one night stand as a way to relieve my stress, right?  I wasn’t really planning on having this topic of conversation with you tonight. ”

“I’m merely trying to get you to to act on your veelings zat you are alveady feeling,” Zhanet said defending her actions.  “Vhat you do vith them is strictly and only dependent up to you alone.”

“That’s right,” Kim replied as she took another gulp. “My opinion alone.”

“Vut in my opinion, I zee hows you look at him, I zee spark in your eyes zhat you only has vhen you look at him.  A spark I zhink you haven’t had vor qvite a vile.  Just be true to yourself.”

As she concluded her lecture, Zhanet turned her attention to the rest of their group and joined in with Bogdan, Silvie and Angelo in dancing as Kim continued to stare deep in thought across the rooftop at Lukas, who now had moved on to a snack table and was busy filling up a plate of finger foods.

Kim kept thinking about what Zhanet said as her head bobbed to the beat of the music playing behind her.  She thought about everything that had lead her to this location, half a world away on a rooftop in Prague.  The bad advice she received from Amelia, the even worse advice she had received from Haley and the poor decisions that she herself had made which lead to the embarrassment of her whole family.  What would being with Lukas do to her?  Would she end up being just another notch in his belt?  Would it be discreet?  Could she trust him? Would he even have her to begin with?  Could there be something more?  Should she just forget about it and go back to her friends? All of these thoughts, questions and scenarios ran through her head making it spin.

And then she began to debate the actual act itself, and what it meant to her.  When she was a sophomore in high school, she had decided that she would wait until marriage, however that stance had softened as she became an upperclassmen and became involved with Ron and then completely dissolved the notion after her near-death experience with Warhok.  In fact, she had planned to ask Ron to do the deed with her as the two of them went to Astoria following the graduation party, but she lost her nerve and only professed her love to Ron in words and a passionate kiss instead.  With everything that had happened between them since she was glad it never happened, knowing that it would have been even harder on Ron in the breakup if they had been intimate.  

But since her relationship with Ron ended, her stance on relationships had changed in general.  With her schedule, with her studies and later with her partying she found little use for a steady relationship.  This became prevalent as she began to party more and would frequently hook up with a willing participant during the evening and typically commandeering the use of a broom closet or bathroom for a few minutes.  Up until now, she had never gone all the way with anyone. The opportunities were definitely there on several occasions, however she always insisted at stopping at third base. She was glad since many of those experiences occurred when she was completely drunk and couldn’t even remember who she was with. Even though her standards for relationships had changed, she had always preferred that her first time, whenever it may occur, was to be an experience she both remembered and enjoyed.

She was also thankful that no incriminating pictures of her escapades had ever come to light during “Kimgate ‘08”. It was a strong held belief of Kim’s that those she was involved with weren’t any better off in terms of coherency.  She had dodged a bullet with the scandal in her activities. However, since she looked to them as a stress reliever, the absence of them had become very apparent. Her last experience had been in early May.

She continued to watch Lukas as he leaned against an exhaust duct and ate what looked like a deviled egg.  As he ate, a girl, in her mid twenties and obviously intoxicated staggered her way around towards him.  Busy laughing and waving at one of the many satellite dishes mounted to the wall she tripped over something on the ground and shrieked as she headed face-first into the ground. Lukas, obviously sober, swooped in with his athletic skills and grabbed her, breaking the fall.  Kim watched as she was gracious for him catching her and began to get rather touchy feely with her hero.  The look on Lukas’ face told the story of how he was not impressed with the actions the grateful girl was making to him for the save and politely deflected her advances until one of her other girlfriends managed to run over to him and take her off his hands.  She girl’s friend was visibly apologizing to him for the situation and he was taking it in stride, simply laughing it off and concluding with a modest wave goodbye. Kim was impressed with the gesture.  She was used to frat boys back home taking advantage of girls who were obviously partying too hard, this was different. This showed decency.

Meanwhile Zhana and the rest of the gang continued to dance the night away in their usual fashion by standing in a circle facing each other and moving to the beats.  Bogdan was working on another beer while Angelo puffed on his e-cigarette, a compromise that he and Silvie had agreed on when they first started dating regarding his smoking habit.  The girls had moved onto Jello shots and singing along to the music.  It was then when Zhana received a tap on her shoulder.

“I’m going in,”  A focused Kim said to her as she handed her an empty wine glass. “How do I look?”

“Oh, Kim, I’m zo proud of yous!” she exclaimed.  “You vook fine, a vittle sveaty but nothing major.  Hows do zou feel?”

“I’m good, buzzing, but I’m good.  I’m coherent if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Okay good!  I don’t vant you to embarrass zourself,” she replied out of concern.  

“I won’t.  And I want this. Like you said, I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. I need to loosen up.”

“Atta girl,” Zhanet cheered.  “Oh, wait!  Vefore you go.”


“I almost vorgot,” she whispered as she huddled with Kim. “Zhese are vor later.”

Out of her purse she pulled out a small plastic bag with six multi-colored pills emblazoned with a likeness of what appeared to be Little Diablo on it.

“Well, hey there little fella,” Kim uttered to the mark, being reminded of how the character wreaked havok during her junior prom.  “Is this ecstasy?”

“Not just ecstasy, zhis is the finest ecstasy in all of Prague,” Zhanet replied as she discreetly tucked it in Kim’s belt. “Zhis is vor later after you sober up.  You don’t vant to take this vith alcohol unless you vant to ve rollling very badly.”


“Zit’s zhe term for zhe experience, you’ll love it.”

“Hmm, well I’ll see,” she replied politely yet uneasy as she accepted the contraband.

“Now, go and has yourself a good night!”  Zhana replied kissing her friend on the cheek and sending her off. “Can’t vait to hear all avout it!”

“So not gonna happen Z, so not gonna happen,” Kim said as she secured the bag away in her belt, and made sure she was able to focus properly before heading out to find Lukas.  

She had found him sneaking across to another part of the roof, looking in at the dance area looking around in a way Kim assumed was him looking for someone or a group to dance with.  She saw this as her opportunity and hurried over to him.  Every step towards him made her more and more nervous.  Even the warm, fuzzy buzz that she had was not enough to shake her natural butterflies when it came to people she liked.  She decided for the surprise approach from behind, just in case the night’s festivities had impaired her walking  and balance.  She saw what happened with the other girl earlier and didn’t want all of this to be an act of futility.  A few steps later, she stood staring at the the tall dark monolith that was his back and gently reached over and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Yes?”  Lukas reacted as he turned around with a curious smile.

“Hi Lukas!  It’s me Kim, from Communications class,” she said nervously.

“Kim?  Oh!  You’re the redhead who sits behind me and has that star tattoo on your arm, right?”

“That’d be me,” she replied, quickly flashing her little star cluster tattoo as proof.

“Wow, sorry, I just didn’t recognize you all dressed up, I don’t ever think I’ve seen you in a dress before, you look great!”

“Awh, thanks,” she blushed. “Are you here alone?”

“Yeah, I like to come stag to these things,” he replied in his charming English accent. “It makes it easier to come and go as I please.  In all honesty I’m not really much of a partiergoer, but I’ll come up, check the view, grab some drinks and maybe dance with some people a bit before heading out.”

“Yeah, I’m about the same. Well, I mean, I came with some friends, but they left early,” she lied. “But hey! do you want to hang out since we’re both flying solo?”

“Hmmm, well, I mean, that sounds great but ...”

“But what?”

“Well, I was thinking about leaving soon and …”

Lukas was stopped in mid sentence as Kim puffed out her lower lip, widened her eyes and employed her trademark “puppy dog face” in an attempt to sway his opinion.

“Well, I suppose if you really want to, I could probably hang out for a while.”

“Great!” she chirped as she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the dance area.

“So, how’s the view now,” she asked as she glanced back at him with shifty eyes.

“I’d have to say it’s improved immensely since I first came in here,” he replied as he squeezed her hand in playful acknowledgement.

“Good to know.”

They began to dance, starting off by facing each other and gently swaying with the music, the more they moved, the more the alcohol flowed throughout Kim’s body and soon the buzzed feeling she had felt earlier had amplified.  Kim felt a warm rush come across her body and her nervousness replaced with it a renewed sense to capitalize on her plan.  She and Lukas had been dancing for about 20 minutes when she decided to make an attempt at setting the stage for the rest of the evening.  So far, Lukas had remained a gentleman with Kim and was sure to not invade her personal space and even more so stayed vigilant with what kind of contact he made with her body.  Kim thought to herself that his carefulness with her would be the key to letting him know that she wanted more.  She took a deep breath faced away from him and proceeded to back herself into him, grinding herself slowly into his pelvic region.

Lukas, pleased with this development, returned the favor of increased physical activity by placing his hands on her shoulders as she continued to grind into him.

“Is this okay?” he asked making sure he wasn’t crossing any lines.

“That’s fine, but I think this is better,” she said as she grabbed his hands off of her shoulders and then placed them lower onto her hips.

“Splendid,” he agreed liking how things between he and Kim were progressing.

“I thought you’d like it,” she followed up as she began running her arms gently up his and grinding harder into him. This went on for several more minutes as the movement started to  look less like dancing and more like foreplay.  Kim hadn’t been this turned on in months and really wanted Lukas. Not even an hour ago she had come close to punching Zhanet out for suggesting it, but now she would take him right now on the dance floor if it were allowed.  And by the tell tale bulge now in his pants she was knew the feeling was mutual.

She couldn’t stand the  teasing anymore so she turned around and embraced Lukas and brought his ear down to her mouth where she gently nibbled on his earlobe.  

“How would you feel about getting out of here and going back to my place?” Kim suggested as her hands ran down his posterior. “You know, a change of scenery.”

“I believe I’d quite fancy that,”  he replied with a little nibble of his own.

“Hmm, hmm, that’s what I was hoping to hear,” she said as she reached for his hand and lead him promptly off the dance floor and towards the exit.

“WOOO HOOO!” a female yelled from across the roof.  Kim glanced back and saw Silvie and Zhanet standing up on some chairs looking back at her while giving a thumbs up.

“Who’s that?” Lukas asked.

“I dunno, I’m guessing some girls who had a little too much to drink,” she said as she held the exit door open for him and then proceeded to playfully to flip both girls off when she was out of his view.




Kim stood and looked down at the Jinsha River from her perch high atop the Leaping Tiger Gorge deep in China’s Yunnan Province.  It was at this spot several years ago where she spent a summer as a Todai learning the art of Kung Fu from a local teacher she befriended on mission in nearby Lìjiāng.  From time to time she would make her way back to this spot and remember, reflect and reaffirm the skillsets she had learned. Skills which she had used up until her retirement from crime fighting. She noticed a small stone near her foot and gently kicked it over the cliff, watching it as it rolled and bounced off the stone walls for what seemed miles.  Every time it came into contact with the earth the stone emitted a small crack which echoed up through the gorge. As the stone fell further, the echoes grew louder.  So loud that they eventually boomed like thunder, so loud that they appeared to have an effect on the sky, turning the clear blue sky into one dark with clouds.  The wind began to pick up and blew her red hair about her face and soon she felt the dampness of rain drops begin to fall on her head.  Quickly the drizzle turned into a steady stream and then a deluge, completely drenching Kim to the point of confusion.  In her confusion, she turned to seek cover when her foot slipped on the rocky edge, dropping her to her knees and pulling her over the edge.  

She desperately tried to grab onto something but it was in vain as she toppled over the edge and began to fall down the gorge in the torrential rainfall, still falling so heavy it muffed her attempts to scream.

“WHA!!!”  Kim shrieked as she jerked up straight and tried to block the flow of water which was falling over her.  Breathing heavily and in shock, she flopped around trying to figure out where she was.  Once she got her breathing controlled and her vision came into focus, she realized that she was sitting in her shower and wearing nothing but her green-stained underwear while someone appeared to be watching her.

“Who???  What???” she managed to get out as she covered up her bare chest in a panic and scooted out of the flow of the water.  Taking her hand she moved her strands of wet hair out of her eyes to see who was looking on.  In front of her was Monique.  Sitting on the toilet, reading a book and munching away on a bag of carrot sticks keeping watch.

“Welcome back,”  Monique said in a deadpan serious tone.

“Whuh? Where?  Lukas?”  Kim mumbled.

“Your shower, your place, and I don’t know who Lukas is, but he ain’t here anymore.”

“Oh, yeah,” Kim moaned. “Why are you here?”

“Well, after our tiff earlier, I went back to my place and after I cooled off, I thought that maybe I should come over and apologize to you.  I got here and saw your door wide open for all to see mind you, and you passed out in your bed covered in puke.  After I made sure you were still breathing, I pulled you into the shower and rinsed you off waiting for you to come to.

“Lovely,” Kim growled. “What time is it?”

“Three in the morning.”

“Ugh, lovely,” Kim said as she slowly stood up and turned the shower off.

“So, you know, I took the liberty of changing your linens and mopped up the floor.  The place looked like you had a fling with that Gil kid that used to torment the cheerleaders back in the day.  Towel?”  she offered holding one out.

“Thanks, you didn’t have to do that,”  Kim grogged as she grabbed the towel from Monique’s hands and began to dry off.

“I know I didn’t.  Want some clothes?”

“I’m fine,” she replied wrapping herself up in the towel, removing her soaked underwear and staggering into her studio.  

“Yeah, you look fine,”  Monique said following her out of the bathroom.  “C’mon Kim please let me help you out.”

“You’ve already done enough,” she said throwing on an old tank top and pair of sweatpants,  “and I didn’t ask for it either.”

“People passed out usually don’t.  You’re lucky I came back,” Monique said as she walked around Kim’s bed and straightened out one of the corners. “You could have choked on your own vomit, been taken advantage of by a opportunistic freak passing by, or worse.”

“But nothing happened,” she said as she walked to the kitchenette and filled a bottle in the sink before sitting down on a barstool. “I appreciate the concern but it isn’t warranted.”

“Blind luck should never be used to justify reckless behavior,”  her friend rebutted as she noticed the unopened condom wrapper on the floor.  “So are we adding ‘fornication’ now to the many new adventures of Kim Possible in college?”

“Again, nothing happened,” Kim said dejected.

“Lucky for you. You might have done something you would have regretted.”

“I was just turned down by the star of the soccer team when I was half naked and sitting on top of him. I’m already in a state of regret.”

“Oh, so you remember what you did?”

“I remember partying up on the roof with my friends, I remember bringing him back to my room, I remember the fantastic makeout session we had, I remember crawling on top of him, I remember the churning feeling in my stomach, I remember him telling me that I needed to get my life together and walking out. I then remember puking all over my bed.”

“I. Remember. Everything.”

“I see, well maybe you’ll get another shot at him if it’s that important to to you.”

Kim just gave Monique a flat look. “He walked out on me when I was half naked, but thanks for being optimistic.”

“Maybe it’s for the best then,” Monique replied.

“Why? So I can get back with Ron?” Kim drummed.

“Ha!  Ron?” Monique gave a rude laugh as her patience appeared to be worn through be her friend.  “No, Kim, you pretty effectively burned that bridge already.”


“If you would bother to talk to anyone from back home you would know that Ron is dating a very nice and pretty girl that’s friends with Tara. Has been for quite some time now.”

Kim looked shocked. “Ron’s dating someone else?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Kim, you dumped him! What did you think? That he would spend the rest of his life pining away for you?”

“Well … No, but ...”

“Honestly, Kim. I don’t think it would matter if he were dating anyone or not. I doubt he would take you back now anyways. Just look at yourself! You had to run away to Europe because you flashed the entire world in a drunken bender. Then when you get over here you end up getting drunk,” Monique threw the bag of ecstasy on the counter in front of Kim, “doing drugs, and engaging in one-night stands with men you know nothing about other than they look good.”

Kim was getting angry now. “Hey. I never had a one-night stand with ...”

Monique wasn’t having any of it and threw the condom on the counter next to the ecstasy bag. “Wake up, Kim. The only reason that you didn’t have on tonight is because you lucked out on finding yourself a true gentleman with a set of morals. What about the next one? I know for a fact that you can’t even remember a lot of the guys that you have made out with. Is that how you want your first time to be? You so damn drunk or high that you can’t even remember it or who it was with?”

Kim was stunned and her face showed it.

Monique’s face lost all of its anger. “Kim, you might complain about the people back home, but you need to accept the fact that we love you, and that’s the truth. But, the harder truth is one that we have to accept, and that is that we can’t help you until you are ready to be helped.”

With no more words between them, Monique walked out of Kim’s door.

Kim slumped down in her stool.  Occasionally she would  glance over at her freshly made bed and frown at how close she had came to losing her virginity to a guy that she didn’t know outside of his sports career and communications class, and how likely it was that if she had drank just a little more that she might not have even remembered it. She eventually finished her drink, stood up and picked up the two items that Monique had thrown on the counter.  She walked over to the trash can and threw the condom away. She knew that she wouldn’t be needing it.

She stood there dangling the bag with the drugs over the trash can. The six multi-colored tablets were readily visible through the plastic bag and the Little Diablos smiled blankly back at her.  After minutes of silent thought she wrapped her fist around the bag and took them back to her bed. All she wanted now was to feel good again.

- END -
Kim Possible Rides Again - Prologue Ch 8
The highly anticipated next chapter in my fic.  Please note that to avoid the risk of deletion/suspension/or having to explain myself again to why dA's "aging up rule" is stupid and flawed, that I have opted to take out the second act of this chapter.  You can read the entire chapter, unedited at my Fanfiction page (because those guys over there understand the concept that you're an adult once you graduate high school) with the link provided at the beginning of the story.

So hey, quick question.  I noticed dA has updated their website and in the process updated their keywords page where everything is now associated with a stupid hashtag prefix.  Am I starting to lose my technical edge or is there a way you can just keyword something like say, "Kim Possible" without resorting to #kim_possible, #kimpossible or something of that sort?  Not trying to be an egotist but when you search for Kim Possible, my new stuff isn't coming up unless you use one of the previous tags,  but when search using "Kim Possible", new stuff is appearing so obviously it's still happening.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Mistresses of the Night by hotrod2001
Mistresses of the Night
Here's a Halloween commission done for :iconsonofabeachbstd: featuring everyone's favorite Mother/Daughter pair.  There is an alternate version over at, it could probably be featured here but I didn't feel like having to deal with the people wibth chronic panties in a wad (they should make an awareness ribbon for that)

Anyhoo, enjoy.  I'll have my annual Halloween pic released next week ^^
So hey, quick question.  I noticed dA has updated their website and in the process updated their keywords page where everything is now associated with a stupid hashtag prefix.  Am I starting to lose my technical edge or is there a way you can just keyword something like say, "Kim Possible" without resorting to #kim_possible, #kimpossible or something of that sort?  Not trying to be an egotist but when you search for Kim Possible, my new stuff isn't coming up unless you use one of the previous tags,  but when search using "Kim Possible", new stuff is appearing so obviously it's still happening.  Any help would be appreciated.
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I've been a graphic designer for seven years...for some off reason or another, I got to liking the show Kim Possible...and then for some other reason or another I tried drawing her, and then for another reason or another discovered that I was kind of good at it. So for *looks at calendar* about 2 years now, I've been drawing a continuation of Kim and Ron's adventures from where the show left off, compiling of several major events, including their engagement, wedding, honeymoon, and to some extent, their eventual step into parenthood.

It's fun, and a way to pass the time while waiting for other events in my life to come to fruition, it keeps me out of trouble (most times) and keeps me fresh in my illustration skills.

Yes I take commissions, no I don't take requests....I used to but it got to be too much and well, I finally came to terms and decided that I had to pick my battles instead of running the gambit...most of that comes from switching from a 2-10 job to a 9-5 job...but it is what it is.

Sooo, hopefully you like what you see, feel free to drop me a line.

Current Residence: Uncanny Valley, USA
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: Storm Thorgerson
Favourite style of art: The type that makes sense
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Favourite cartoon character: Kim Possible, Transformers, Deaths Head, Megaman
Personal Quote: "uhhh..."

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